the narrow path


“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” – Leo Tolstoy

Liberty is the truth of human nature that must be discovered by washing away the ever abundant mud, sediment, and stones of apologies for organized aggression. It is not a radical idea of how society should work, disconnected from history and tradition, nor is it a conservative apology for the ancient regime of absolute authority.

Liberty is the narrow path which acknowledges and honors the achievements and traditions of the past, while recognizing its failures in the light of disciplined reason. It is not a radical force wishing to remake society in its image, come hell or high water, nor is it a system to preserve a privileged class’s right to plunder the rest. Liberty is a system which allows for society to grow and develop naturally, guided only by voluntarily adopted authority and values.

It is only in a condition of liberty that man may employ full use of all his natural faculties, undiminished in his peaceful endeavors by legitimized coercion, to live, form associations, and engage in trade according to his needs, desires, and values. Only this ‘state of liberty’ allows for man to be fully human. Any coercive infringement on the peaceful actions of man, necessarily subjects him to a degree of slavery. Liberty then is the absolute negation of slavery.

The concepts of Left and Right only apply insofar as strategy is concerned, for liberty is a balance of prudence and progression, and of tradition and reason.

What follows are my thoughts on what this narrow path looks like, and how those of us who choose to seek it may find and walk it.




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